About us

PT. SAGAS PUTERA BANGSA or known as SAGAS is a PMDN Limited Liability Company engaged in Security Services operating in Indonesia for services:

  • Supply Guard

  • Trainning

  • Consultant

  • Security Electronic

  • Escort / VIP

  • K-9 Unit

Established since 2007, it is registered at the Indonesian Police Headquarters and is a member of the Association of Indonesian Security Services Business Entities (ABUJAPI). SAGAS has obtained permits from the Indonesian National Police, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Humidity and Legality which are inseparable from a company in general and the Legality of BUJP (Security Services Business Entity) in particular. In managing management, SAGAS has also received an ISO 9001: 2005 certificate.

With high commitment and loyalty in providing the best service in the field of security and comfort, also the experience and capacity, make SAGAS get the trust of our clients/users of our services evidenced by long-term contract period. In an effort to safeguard a location/asset, SAGAS is oriented towards security with the planning of safeguards tailored to the nature of the threat or risk that may occur. How to set out security procedures as well as security policy is, how to analyze external and internal situation of the company, how to analyze the existence of an issue that can potentially cause security and order disruption.
SAGAS is committed that the security orientation is how to prevent the occurrence of crimes both self-made/opportunities or in a systematic/planned and to carry-out the orientation needed human resources/ Personal Skills in carrying out the assignment.

With the growing economy sector in Indonesia as a result of development at this time, both on human resources and technology that has a high social impact because in addition to increasing the percentage of population that also impacts To the limited supply of employment opportunities will lead to a crime. Therefore it is necessary to improve the security efforts in creating a sense of security through appropriate strategies to avoid losses. Human resource management, especially in the field of security, is also a challenge. Security organizations can be managed independently with an in-house system, the management of this system also has weaknesses.

We are here to provide the best solutions for people and companies in managing an effective and efficient security system, both from security planning, appropriate training, personnel procurement, monitoring and evaluation of security systems That runs up to help management to jointly follow up problems that concern security issues, conduct communication and coordination with internal and external parties in order to create a sense of safety to Support its business.